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Once Upon A Time....

The Life of a Performing Princess

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Ok well I was born and practically raised in El Paso. I spend most of my time working, trying to finish a book, trying to play "catch-up" with friends, and hoping it's all worth it (even though it's proved to be). I was raised with a rhythm and a passion for performing. It has been difficult for me to get along with my family in the past, but hey no family is perfect. You can't choose your family, but you can choose your friends.

Snow White is love

Disney Princes are love

Princesses are Fairy Tale Love

Bernadette is love

thirteen is love <3

Thirteen is love

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User Number: 5249588
Date Created:04-11-24
Number of Posts: 125

usually confused.... needs detailed information
Strengths: friendly, usually loving, easy to get along with, gives second chances at least once, performer
Weaknesses: love, chocolate, the spotlight
Special Skills: Bernadette Peters reincarnate, can talk people into boredom, masochistic
Weapons: can talk people into boredom, strong kicks, heavy hand, intimidating
pet peeves: fake people, dirty tubs, rings in glasses, chewing with mouth open

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